About GelderHead Audio Productions


GelderHead Audio Productions is an award winning San Diego based company providing the highest quality voice over solutions to businesses worldwide. Jeff Gelder, owner, has been a voice talent since 1984.  Jeff’s voice can be heard locally and internationally.

    Owner – Jeff Gelder

GelderHead Audio Productions is focused on helping businesses create a persona, which represents them to the public. For example, GelderHead Audio Productions voice mail greetings paired with regularly updated on-hold marketing messages are a great way to convey a persona.

Jeff explains, “Much like the personalities in a television drama or comedy, a persona is the friend customers come to know and grow comfortable with over time. A professional first impression of a company is one which customers can easily identify on a recurring basis, will improve customer confidence, and increase sales.

Jeff is committed to the company philosophy to build relationships and help businesses grow. The company slogan is confidently exclaimed by Jeff, “Once the customer trusts a voice, the relationship begins!

GelderHead Audio Productions offers free consultations and provides solutions based on individual business needs. Our prices are reasonable and service is of the highest quality.

Jeff elaborates, “Quality is a difficult issue to articulate when discussing voices. It’s hard to describe what makes a voice good, but you know it when you hear it.” GelderHead Audio Productions offers vocal variety and a professional sound studio. Your Words are Best Said, by GelderHead!

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