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Sound waveYou know how important it is to have a visible brand/logo for your business.  It’s equally important to have an audio brand as well.  That is a consistent voice that your clients hear when they call your phone answering system, get placed on-hold, visit your website, or hear your commercials airing on TV or radio.  That voice should be friendly, upbeat, easy to listen to, and even a bit intriguing.  Think of the familiar voices that you enjoy hearing and how their sound makes you feel. For example some celebrity voices include, Casey Kasem, James Earl Jones, and Morgan Freeman. How do you feel when you hear one of their voices on radio or television?

When the voice is consistent it also makes you think of that particular business or product.  In the late 90’s I recorded a tag line for Aladdin Bail Bonds that read, “We’ll get you out, we’ll get you through it. Aladdin Bail Bonds.”  It was a very calm and reassuring read that the director took several takes to get just right. When you heard the commercials you new everything would be alright. It wasn’t long before people thought of Aladdin as soon as I repeated that line. These spots continue to air today!

Whether you hire a male or female voice for your audio brand be sure to get these questions answered first.

  • What is the tone or personality of voice that would best represent your company? Conversational, friendly, authoritative, or fast, announcer type?
  • When you find a voice that you like, is the talent consistently available? Are they a full-time voice over talent with a studio available to them?
  • Is the voice talent already working with a direct competitor of yours? 

At GelderHead Audio Productions we can help you get the answers to these and other questions prior to choosing your audio brand voice over talent to be the voice of your company!

Like I’ve always said, “Once the customer trusts a voice, the relationship begins.” Call GelderHead Audio Productions today at (619) 795-1740, and let’s begin our relationship!

Jeff Gelder

Owner/Voice  Talent

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