Voice Audio Branding

 You know how important it is to have a visible brand/logo for your business.  It's equally important to have an audio brand as well.  That is a consistent voice that your clients hear when they call your phone answering system, get placed on-hold, visit your website, or hear your commercials airing on TV or radio.  That voice should be friendly, upbeat, easy to listen to, and even a bit intriguing.  Think of the familiar voices that you enjoy hearing and how their sound makes you feel. For example some celebrity … [Read more...]

How Do I Find Voice Talent?

Searching for voice talent online can be a daunting task. Finding the right voice talent to represent your company, product or project is important. It's part of the branding process that has become a standard in today's fast paced world. As humans we tend to recognize and associate the sounds we hear to the brands we know trust. Try this experiment... say these words out loud "Your In Good Hands With..." - our brains fill in the blanks and we visualize a deep strong voice. That comes with years of hearing repetitive slogans and a deep … [Read more...]

What Is A Voice Over?

I hear that question more than any other.  Please, let me explain.      A voice over is simply when you hear a voice but don’t see the person speaking. Simple, isn’t it? However, there are many types of voice overs including those for radio and television commercials, training videos, online tutorials, animated characters, documentary narrations, website greetings, video games, and I.V.R. (interactive voice recordings) for company phone systems, on-hold marketing messages and the newest, e-learning audio. Often when … [Read more...]