Voice Audio Branding

 You know how important it is to have a visible brand/logo for your business.  It's equally important to have an audio brand as well.  That is a consistent voice that your clients hear when they call your phone answering system, get placed on-hold, visit your website, or hear your commercials airing on TV or radio.  That voice should be friendly, upbeat, easy to listen to, and even a bit intriguing.  Think of the familiar voices that you enjoy hearing and how their sound makes you feel. For example some celebrity … [Read more...]

Best Voice Over Audio Blogs

Audio Blogs by GelderHead Audio Productions...Do you prefer to listen to blogs rather than read them?  Many people do, and now you can with professional quality voice over talent and production. Listen on your mobile device, lap top, or desk top, while driving, exercising, multi-tasking, filing, doing house chores, showering, or while laying on the beach with your eyes closed. Most of our voice over audio blogs are less than five minutes.  If you enjoy what you hear please feel free to share this page with your friends … [Read more...]

Keep Healthy To Stay In Business!

I have always been healthy and have worked out on and off in some fashion since my twenties. Doing business in my later forties I was introduced to a gym called Fitness Together and a way of working out with a personal trainer that is unique.  I know its important for my work and my well-being, but lets be honest, going to a regular gym and working out alone is easily scratched off the daily to-do list as soon as something else "comes up." So, when I learned about Fitness Together's process and then realized I would have scheduled … [Read more...]

Did You Know They’re a Muscle Too?

Too often we take them for granted and expect they will always be there and be strong for us.Would you like to feel energized and productive all day? Would you like to tone all of your muscles and feel strength in every part of your body? Did you know that your vocal chords are a muscle that benefit from regular exercise too?About four years ago I joined a private gym called Fitness Together-Mission Hills, owned by Blake and Gwen Beckcom, and have been working out with a personal trainer two to three times a week ever since.The … [Read more...]