Keep Healthy To Stay In Business!

I have always been healthy and have worked out on and off in some fashion since my twenties. Doing business in my later forties I was introduced to a gym called Fitness Together and a way of working out with a personal trainer that is unique.  I know its important for my work and my well-being, but lets be honest, going to a regular gym and working out alone is easily scratched off the daily to-do list as soon as something else “comes up.” So, when I learned about Fitness Together’s process and then realized I would have scheduled appointments one on one with a trainer, well I knew I would go.  Having an appointment with someone truly makes the difference.  Then, working out in a private area with the trainer keeping track of exercises I need to do, how many reps and what weight, and me simply putting in the effort and taking the action is a whole new world!  I have now been going to Fitness Together at least twice a week for over four years and truly feel the difference.  Not only in my overall health, but in the studio as well.  I have better breath support and voice control. Plus, my stamina for long projects has increased exponentially. I have fewer to no sick days each year and more energy to get to “work!”  Most think of this as a luxury expense, but to me its as important as any other monthly bill payment. I know that this is a new permanent lifestyle and my trainer Sean makes it fun too!


Bob Taylor


Jeff Gelder & Sean Rybeck

 In addition to my workouts I’m happy to say I have been working with Nutrition and Health Coach Bob Taylor for over a year now. Bob’s wisdom has made powerful changes to the way I eat, what I eat and truthfully often why I eat what I do. Which in turn makes a big difference on my performance in the voice over studio. I’m much better now at thinking before just eating the first thing I can. Bob’s tips and tricks help keep impulse eating at bay and also I have better control over stress eating. Bob has shared his knowledge in a way that is not about going without foods that I like. He has taught me a way to make it a lifestyle not a diet. I am immensely grateful to him and look forward continuing our meetings. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a little nutritional help to get to a healthy weight and positive state of well-being!

Some may think that being in the voice over business only requires a good voice.  However, that is far from the truth.  Voice actors must stay in good physical health to avoid getting sick too often and therefore not able to work. Also, many lengthy recordings like audio books and e-learning narrations can require a great deal of stamina.  When I record an audio book I prefer to stand to get more energy and emotion in my voice.  Standing at the mic for an hour or two can make the body stiff and my lower back and legs ache. Stretching prior to and after a session is very important. Additionally, being at a healthy weight with the ability to breath deeply and control the breath is very valuable.  Avoiding sugar, dairy, alcohol and for some gluten, is a must before going into the recording studio. These can have detrimental effects on the vocal chords, and sometimes you don’t realize it until you’ve began talking for a few minutes and your voice gives out or suddenly you have a lot of mucus in the way. And naturally as we age it takes a little longer to warm up the voice and keep it healthy.

The wonderful owners of Fitness Together-Mission Hills, Blake and Gwen, wanted to offer more than workouts to their clients. They began writing articles and blogs to help others learn how to get and stay healthy.  When I told them I am a voice actor an approached them with the concept of turning their educational articles in to audio blogs they loved the idea.  Now, you can go on to their website and listen to topics like, “Avoiding Common Running Mistakes” to “Nutrition Techniques for the Grill,” while exercising, driving or cleaning the house. A simple and efficient way to  learn how to be in the best health you can.

Let us show you how your company could benefit from turning your blogs into audio blogs.  Please contact GelderHead Audio Productions for more information,  CONTACT.  With our fast paced society, people really do appreciate listening while driving or doing other tasks.


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