Branded On-Hold Marketing Messages

Imagine increasing your sales without any extra work on your end. How would you like to optimize each moment you have with your clients to the fullest? Branded On-Hold Marketing Messages inform your callers of new products, services and specials.

branded-on-hold-marketing-messagesThey do the selling for you while your clients are waiting to speak with you. They are the most cost effective way to advertise to a captive audience. Call us today to learn how Branded On-Hold Marketing Messages can boost your sales.


 Captivate your audience with a Branded On-Hold Marketing Message

  • Inform callers about every product and service that your company has to offer with  branded on-hold marketing messages.
  • Get the most exposure for your new offers or new products and services
  • Greet your callers in a professional way that makes them want to leave their information so you can follow up
  • Don’t risk advertising your competitors to your callers while they’re on hold listening to a local radio station

Cost Effective Solutions 

  • 4-minute or 6-minute branded on-hold marketing messages recordings
  • choose a one-time message, monthly package, or quarterly package
  • write yourself or use our experts to write your message

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