What Is A Voice Over?

I hear that question more than any other.  Please, let me explain.   Microphone in Fist

A voice over is simply when you hear a voice but don’t see the person speaking. Simple, isn’t it? However, there are many types of voice overs including those for radio and television commercials, training videos, online tutorials, animated characters, documentary narrations, website greetings, video games, and I.V.R. (interactive voice recordings) for company phone systems, on-hold marketing messages and the newest, e-learning audio. Often when listening to a radio personality that you’ve never seen before, your imagination creates an image of them based on the voice you are hearing.   And sometimes, when you finally see them, that image may not fit what they truly look like.

This is where voice acting comes into play. A voice over talent is able to change his or her voice in ways that create different images in the listeners’ mind. This is especially true of characters in cartoon shows like “The Simpsons” or on radio shows like “Prairie Home Companion.” Similarly, the voice on an organization’s phone system is their “audio image or brand.” It sets the stage for how the caller thinks and feels about that organization. How many times have you called a company to hear an indifferent or hard to understand voice reading mechanically from what sounds like a bad script? Or how often have you been put on-hold only to be stuck listening to insipid elevator music? That’s not a good image to create with your clients, especially first time callers.

Consider too how much more professional it is to present a consistent image by using the same voice talent on your phone system, for your commercials, for your training videos, for every situation where the public is forming an image of your organization? The voice they hear is the signature of your company and when heard it will cause the listener to recall your company in either a positive or negative way. A professional voice helps ensure that it’s positive. At GelderHead Audio Productions our motto is “Once the customer trusts a voice…the relationship begins.” We offer many types of voice over services to companies and organizations of all sizes. We have both male and female talent to meet your needs. In addition to voice over, we also do on-camera work for presentations, commercials, training videos, live emcee, and more.

Visit us at www.GelderHead.com to see and hear our online video and audio demos and for information about all of our services. When you’re ready for a professional audio brand for your company, please call us at 619-795-1740 or visit www.GelderHead.com.

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Jeff Gelder

Owner/Voice Over Talent

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